About Inez


Ever since she was a little girl, Miss Inez has had a love for children.  From the way she used to care for her baby dolls, it would seem that working with children was her destiny.  At age 9, she started babysitting many of her nieces and nephews, and so her journey began. 


In 1978, Miss Inez officially began her childcare business in her home with only one child.  Her purpose was to provide the kind of childcare that she couldn't find for herself.  Soon enough, Miss Inez had a house full of children that she would teach and take on field trips.  Parents, as well as children, fell in love with Miss Inez and her business grew even more.  She hired help and added a room to her house so that the children would have more room to play. And thus, the name "Children's House" was born.


In 1999, Miss Inez was able to build a six classroom childcare center.  Soon after, she opened a second childcare center with extended and weekend hours.  She understood from experience that many parents don't always work a 9 to 5 job, and that round-the-clock childcare was a necessity in the community.

Miss Inez credits the key to her success to her love for children and to them knowing it.  For many of her children, she has become like a second mother, and for many parents, a dream come true.



856-453-0900  Monday - Friday (6am - 5pm)                    856-453-1210  Seven Days A Week (6am - 1am)